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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Worth reading

An article about Social Conservatism:

The social dislocation caused by feminism and the sexual revolution demands a political response, and so far the left has nothing to offer apart from bankrupting the country with more entitlements. It's encouraging to see a youngish left-wing feminist like Rosin have an inkling that there's a problem, but until the left starts thinking creatively about solutions, which will require a reconsideration of orthodoxies that date back to the 1960s and '70s, the social right will be the only game in town.

There's more there, of course.  But I don't have all that much time right now.

However, one of the points that I want to make, and I want it to stick, is the fact that far from being some great emancipation, the sexual revolution accomplished the goal of taking women and changing them from being something special, something to be cherished, and instead made them nothing but sperm receptacles for the next horny guy.

The more I look at "modern" life, the more I have to conclude that there's no real reason for a guy to get married these days.  Why should they?  Is there any financial benefit to it?  No, not really.  In the divorce the wife can rape the guy legally for decades to come, and there's nothing he can do about it.  Will it further his family?  Not if he gets divorced, and his wife gets custody (which happens in the huge majority of cases).  One of my friends is going through legal hell right now trying to get his kids back from his ex-wife.  And oh by the way, his ex-wife is a raging meth-head, but since she has custody he cannot remove the kids until the courts transfer custody to him.  Of course he's fighting for his kids, but in the meantime his kids are living in a hellish house where Mommy fucks strange men in the living room while the kids try to figure out what they're going to cook for dinner that night, since Mommy spent all her money on meth instead of groceries.

The fact that my friend cannot just take those kids and leave without being thrown in jail should be Exhibit A on why marriage is a sucker's game for men to avoid.

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