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Saturday, February 04, 2012

I used to ask

Why Nancy Pelosi had not been excommunicated from the Catholic Church, given her multitude of anti-church actions and stands.  This newest blathering from the communist cuntflap is another example of how actually anti-Catholic she is.  Since Ann Barnhardt doesn't have permalinks, I'm going to cut and paste some big quotes here:

The Catholic bishops have been de facto Marxist agitators for the last half-century. Why? Because the idea was planted in the hierarchy decades ago by the first Marxist infiltrators that if the Church embraced Marxist Socialism, the Church could then lay off upon the STATE all of the costs associated with caring for the poor and the sick. Since the faith of the bishops, priests and nuns has been massively eroded over the last fifty years via recruitment of the faithless into the seminaries, heretical Marxist education and formation in seminaries and Catholic universities, and most especially by the gutting, flaying and profaning of the Mass itself, it doesn’t even register with most of these people that the Church NOT caring for the poor and the sick is a problem. In fact, they celebrate the fact that the Church now no longer spends significant amounts of money on these things, but instead sit upon massive “endowments” that read like the prospectus for a mutual fund rather than the charitable activity summary of the Bride of Christ.
What the bishops, priests and nuns in the United States have done over the past fifty years is to specifically and consciously ally themselves with Marxist statists in the government. They formed this alliance in order to bring about a system whereby the government could take over all of the charitable services that the Church should be providing, and which Christ specifically commanded the Church – not the state - to undertake, most notably caring for the elderly, the poor and the sick. The care of the poor was laid off on the government under the guise of “Welfare”. The care of the elderly was laid off on the government under the guise of “Social Security”. The care of the sick was laid off on the government under the guise of “Medicare”, “Medicaid” and finally, the coup de grace, “ObamaCare”. The Church would continue to provide healthcare, but instead of tapping the Church’s own coffers when an indigent patient needed care, the Church would simply bill the Federal Government.
The Catholic Church in the USA has been getting more political, and it's been a decidedly leftist bent.  You cannot deny that whenever some bishop, priest or nun has spoken out politically, it's normally been to support whatever Leftist cause du jour is around.  The old priests that I grew up with would have never carried on like that priest from Chicago who marched around with Jesse "Hymie-town" Jackson.  But then, they grew up in the old, traditional church that still revered the mass and the trinity and everything that made us CATHOLIC.

I won't even get into the discussion I had with a Polish priest who asked me why all the American priests were gay.

And now, the end game is upon us. The bishops have used the Marxists, and thought that they had a “gentlemen’s agreement”. The problem is that Marxists aren’t gentlemen, they are psychopaths, and they do not honor ANY agreements. The fact that the Marxists are now openly turning on the bishops is confirmation to EVERYONE, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Atheist, everyone, that we are absolutely, positively in the end-game stage. The Marxists have seized and usurped the government of the United States of America. Guys, they don’t need the bishops to shill for them any longer because THERE AREN’T GOING TO BE ANY MORE ELECTIONS TO SHILL FOR. The Marxists have taken over this country and are now turning on, and will eventually attempt to imprison and kill all of those that are or potentially could be “enemies of the revolution”. The Marxists can no longer extract any meaningful advantage by using the bishops, and so now the bishops will be eliminated – one way or another.
The bishops will now act surprised, nay SHOCKED!, but I can tell you that their surprise at this turn of events will be totally disingenuous. They have been warned, and I was one of the ones doing the warning. I have an email exchange between myself and an Archbishop from Christmas Eve of 2009 in which I laid ALL of this out. Remember the Christmas Eve unconstitutional ram-through of ObamaCare? Remember the STUPAK AMENDMENT? Yeah. I told them that Marxists were liars and that they would quickly renege on ANY promises regarding abortion, and that millions of children would be murdered under ObamaCare. I told them that the nation would financially collapse before Obama’s first term ended, and that the Marxists would come after the Church first – as they always do. I told them that they were in bed with satan and that they were complicit in the inevitable collapse and hot war all of this would cause.
The response? That I was “uncharitable”. That I had an “evil imagination”. That I was a “rash judger” who was “preoccupied with my own opinion”.
What say you now, Excellency? 
 The refusal to deal with anti-Catholics like Nancy Pelosi, who constantly and militantly go against the Church's teachings while claiming to be Catholic is coming home to roost.  Look folks, if Nancy Pelosi wants to be a champion for sucking babies out of the womb with a vacuum cleaner, that's on her.  But she cannot be that champion while simultaneously claiming to be Catholic, because being a Catholic means respecting life.  ALL life, and most especially innocent babies who haven't even had a chance to take a breath of air.  And so to proudly champion the murder of innocent babies is antithetical to Catholic beliefs and teachings.

And yet, there she sits, a "proud" Catholic, and the church in America does NOTHING about her.  She still takes communion.


I'm taking a serious, hard look at the Orthodox Church right about now.....

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