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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Last Night's Debate round 2

Well, that was refreshing - a debate that actually focused on the issues at hand, rather than George Snuffaluffagus wiping Obama's semen from his chin and trying to play "Gotcha" games with questions about contraception.

Personally, I think Newt did the best, but debates have always been his strong point.  Romney?  Did not impress me, not one bit.  And if he's that much of a limp dick in a debate where every question is a chance to impress voters, he doesn't stand a chance against Obama.

Romney is not electable, folks.  Sorry.  He's not.  Santorum did well, Paul and Perry both got good lines in, but Romney did not help himself, in what was possibly his best chance to lock up the nomination.  He flopped.

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