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Monday, January 09, 2012

Denver wins

Or, more importantly, the Devil's Concubines, aka the Pittsburgh Steelers, lose.  I don't mind Denver as a whole, and I think the city itself is great.  Still, I'm indifferent to their teams, until they play the Whores of Lucifer in the playoffs.

Thank you, Denver Broncos.  Thank you Tim Tebow for finally airing it out.  Thank you John Fox for pulling up one hell of a game plan. 

The only real team I will root against is the cheap-shot taking, cheating bastards known as Sluts for Satan Pittsburgh Steelers.  I must root against them, especially after they all sold their souls to the Prince of Darkness so that the refs would toss the 2005 Superbowl to them.  Which the refs did.  Rules?  What rules?  The Dark Lord demands that Pittsburgh win, and so they gave that game away.

Please note - The Steelers tried to sell a few more souls last year, but Satan doesn't do second mortgages I guess.  Packers win.  Steelers lose.  I celebrate.

So anyways, thank you Denver Broncos.  Even though my team is out of the playoffs, you still gave me something to root for. 

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