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Saturday, December 03, 2011


Instapundit has a post up about a woman suffering from low levels of B12.  My mom the nurse has always tried to impress upon me the importance of Vitamin D, especially since we live in a Northern latitude.  The B vitamins are just as important.  If you're in a northern state, and you eat the typical American diet, which is absolute crap by the way, you are vitamin deficient.

I eat fairly healthy, and the Ragin' Mrs. and I make most of our own food at home.  We rarely eat canned or bottled crap.  And I still take multivitamins and Vitamin D every day.  Get yourself a bottle of GOOD multivitamins.  Take one a day.  I get the chewables or gummi vitamins, for the simple fact that you don't often fully digest the hard little pills that vitamins often come in.

And EAT HEALTHY.  Get some salad into your diet.  Use real butter, not margarine.  Margarine goes straight to your arteries where it just waits to give you a heart attack.  Find local farmers and butchers to buy your meat from.  If you can find someone selling all grass-fed beef, do it.  Make as much of your own food as possible.  The more you use canned, boxed or preserved food, the more sodium and fat you're eating.

The healthier you are, the less you'll have to rely on government death panels to determine your fate.


Ruth said...

With your mom you may already be aware, but watch those gummies, the large majority of them do not contain any iron or calcium (and a couple other trace amounts of a couple odds and ends). on the other hand someone finally came up with a calcium gummy, and iron pills are small and easy to swallow.

Glenn B said...

Worried about iron, I have heard that if you use iron frying pans to cook., you will get more than enough iron in your food.

Ragin' Dave said...

Cast Iron? Yep. That'll make sure that you have enough iron in your diet. Growing up we were on a well, and that water had so much iron in it that it came out of the ground RED. I eat enough red meat and spinach that I don't have to worry about an iron deficiency.

As for calcium - I currently live in Wisconsin. I consume plenty of cheese and milk. The key is that without vitamin D, your body won't absorb that calcium, which is how the whole topic between my mom and I came up.

So make sure you get enough Vitamin D.