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Thursday, December 08, 2011

The Problem with Romney

Can be summed up in two simple points.  Oh, there's more problems with him that just these two points, but if you want to boil everything down, these two points are it:

1)  RomneyCare, or as Pawlenty put it so well before he refused to fight, "ObamneyCare".  Romney refuses to admit that RomneyCare is a bad idea.  He refuses to admit that socialized medicine is a bad idea.  And if he won't do that, then we don't need him in the Oval Office.  What happens if we finally get the votes to repeal Obamacare, and President Romney vetos the repeal?

2)  He won't fight.  He's trying to be Mr. Nice Guy.  Remember what happened to the last Mr. Nice Guy?  We're not just fighting Obama, we're fighting the Media, who is desperate to keep their God-King enthroned.  If you're not going to fight, and if you're too fucking stupid to see that the Media is going to throw everything they have against you, then you will.  Not.  Win.  It's that simple.

Is Gingrich the ideal candidate?  Hell no.  But at least he swings at the Media when they take shots at him, and he's put more than a few of the pompous fucking jackasses in their place, which is more than Romney can say.  If Romney isn't willing to fight both the media and Obama, he's going to lose. 

And you know it.


Anonymous said...

It's really too bad how so many so-called conservatives chuck the good enough out because he isn't perfect. If Newt's elected he just might appoint some actual conservatives to his cabinet and as directors of federal departments. As well as canning a bunch of criminals prior to indicting them for their crimes. If Obungholio is reelected, Katie bar the door, the America we know is done for.

Gerry N.

Ragin' Dave said...

Hell, I'm not arguing against Newt. I'm more arguing against Romney, who I trust LEAST out of the entire batch. I'd vote for Huntsman before I voted for Romney.

And I'd still vote for any of them before I voted for Obama.

Anonymous said...

The press has chosen Romney and when the time is right they will throw him under the buss for being a Mormon.

James Old Guy