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Thursday, December 01, 2011

It's AIDS day or something?

President Downgrade was giving some speech (I know, I'm shocked too!) about AIDS and how he wants to blow more tax money on finding a cure.

Look, I'm all for finding a cure.  And I hope I don't piss off too many people with this, because I wouldn't want to watch any of my family members die of AIDS, and I have sympathy for those folks out there who are dealing with that.  But with that being said, you want to know how to stop the spread of AIDS? 

Stop having promiscuous, unprotected sex.

Stop doing IV drugs.

Due to testing, the transfer of HIV/AIDS through a blood transfusion is non-existent.  Other than accidental transfers, such as a nurse or doctor accidentally pricking themselves with a needle from an AIDS patient, the huge, vast majority of AIDS infections come from people who have unprotected, promiscuous sex or use drugs that require injection into a vein.  I don't know of anyone personally who was infected with HIV or AIDS who didn't catch it through stupid sex or stupid drugs.  Or a combination of both.

There is no AIDS pandemic.  There is a stupidity pandemic.  Being promiscuous or using IV drugs is like playing Russian Roulette; sooner or later, that hammer is going to fall on a loaded chamber.  The problem is that you can't fix stupid.

Just look at our pResident for proof of that.


Rivrdog said...

...and that is why we shouldn't mess with trying to "cure" AIDS - we're messing with Natural Selection when we do, and it's not NICE to mess with Mother Nature!

Goober said...

It isn't even as hard as you make it, Dave. To keep this PG-13, I'll just say that "normal" sex, even unprotected, is pretty damned safe unless one of the two of you are sporting any open wounds on your - ahem - parts... The rate of transmission in the normal kind of sex is vanishingly small, and in cases where it has happened, you can nearly always track it down to sores and wounds (possibly from other, previously existing infections).

It is the "other kind" of sex - you know, the one that isn't really that normal unless you're Greek - that causes problems and transmits most of the AIDS. So what you're saying, while true, is even harder than it really has to be.

I feel sorry for the folks that contracted AIDS in much the same way that I feel sorry for the motocross racer who broke his neck during a race and died. It is a shitty situation, it sucks, I feel badly for you and your family and truly wish that it had never happened to you. I'll even shed a tear for you at your funeral, and mean it. But you took your chances, and sometimes the result of jumping that 100 foot gap on your motorcycle is that you die. You had to know that. YOu had to know the risk you were taking, and you took it anyway because it was worth it.