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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Rapists against Rape

Hey, remember when the Tea Parties held a rally and people were getting raped?

No?  That's because it didn't happen!  But I wouldn't trust any Flea Party camp if my life depended on it, because after finding out that men are getting raped, it just MIGHT depend on it.  Sexual assault at OWS.  No sexual assaults at Tea Parties.  It really is that simple.

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Goober said...

Speaking as a Father, that young lady needs to go home. She isn't safe there, and no amount of her deluded moonbattery will save her if some goblin decides he wants to hurt her some night. And if she thinks the nancy-boys that she's surrounded herself will do anything to help her, she's got another thing coming.

I just love how these redistributionists are learning what true redistribution means as the poor, disadvantaged folks without macbooks decide to "redistribute" the macbooks of other protestors, and as the communists there learn what it means to have a bum come and eat their food without doing anything to earn it first, and as these anarchists begin to realize that you can't reason with or shame a rapist into not raping. It is like they are having to see society rebuild itself in a small scale within their protest in order to realize why society has erected these constructs that they are so quick to try and tear down.

If you want to really get technical, if all possessions should belong to all, and "redistribution" of wealth is true social "justice" then it could easily be drawn out to justify rape - the woman is wealthy with things that the man wants, and if all things belong to all, who is she to stop him from taking it?