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Saturday, November 26, 2011

After shave

I never really used it.  Every single aftershave lotion I have ever tried was either like smearing Vasoline on my face, or Everclear.  They gave me ingrown hairs, blackheads and zits, raw skin, dry skin, you name the bad skin condition and I got it.  So I just tossed aftershaves aside as worthless, and ignored them as much as possible.

So last week the Ragin' Mrs. brings me home a small sample of this.  From Clinique?  I don't need make-up, honey!  Isn't Clinique a woman kind of thing?

"Just try it." she says.  So I do.

Wow.  It actually works.  And my face doesn't feel like the Exxon Valdez broke open across my upper lip.

I'll be getting some more soon.

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