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Monday, October 10, 2011

Born that way?

So, let me make a long story short - yesterday, I was in a house that featured a lesbian and a "trans-gender" female.  The two were obviously romantic.  And this one example destroys the entire facade of homosexuals being "born that way".

IF, and that's a big IF, we accept the argument that a homosexual is born that way, we have to then look at the transgender female, who was a man, changed his gender to female because he/she/it was "born in the wrong body", and then became a lesbian.

So in short, she was a lesbian trapped in a man's body, who is now an actual lesbian.  Folks, that's not natural, that's a stand-up comedian routine.  This trans-gendered person still has the same urges that he/she/it did when the body in question had a penis.  He/She/It is still attracted to the female gender.  The only difference now is that he/she/it is now classified as "female" and so he/she/it is now a "lesbian".  Scorn quotes deliberately placed around that last one there.  A guy attracted to women is not a lesbian, even if he's so mentally screwed up that he has a surgeon take off his penis.  A self-mutilating mental disorder doesn't make one a lesbian.

Did that piss anyone off?  Good.  Maybe next you can get pissed off about a culture that celebrates self-mutilation that way. 

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