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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pink Slip Auction

Ladies, this one is for you to bid on.  All money goes towards re-electing Wisconsin Republicans!

This is an auction for the famous “Pink Slip” that was hurled at Representative Robin Vos at the Racine Lincoln Day Dinner by notorious goof ball, Vos-Stalker, protestor Miles Kristan. Without missing a beat, Rep. Vos put the Slip up for auction (proceeds to the Republican party) and I bought it for $100.
Consequently, Mr. Kristan donated, in a very direct fashion, $100 to his arch enemies.
This same guy was recently busted for pouring a beer over Vos’s head at a Madison bar.
In the spirit of True Capitalism, I am putting this piece of Wisconsin political history up for auction. Any PROFITS from this auction will be split between the campaign funds of Robin Vos and Governor Walker.

As the gentleman says, the model is not part of the auction. 

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