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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Yeah, this fits

It's as good a description of Liberals in Wisconsin as anything else.

It's been several years in the making but things finally seemed ready to go last month when the city finally put the project out to bid. The winner, Kettle Renewable Enterprises, had small subcontracts of $2,000 for women-and-minority-owned firms in its $500,000 offer. However, city alderman Robert Bauman decided this wasn't enough. He vetoed the project, saying more woman-and-minority firms should have been included. "If that means losing $500,000, then we'll lose $500,000," Bauman told the press.

Even though "green" power is a load of crap, and the buy-in on windmills is just the same as Don Quixote tilting at them, city alderman Robert Bauman should still have to pay that $500,000 back out of his own pocket, and if every single possession he owns gets repossessed because of it, then maybe next time he won't be such a clueless fucking douchenozzle.  And we can try to teach a lesson to all the other liberal douchenozzles at the same time, although they typically don't learn until the pain hits them personally.

The more "liberal" a government is, the more money it wastes, the more time it wastes, the more people it wastes.

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