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Saturday, August 06, 2011

La Crosse Tea Party

Wandered on down.  Got to see Dan Kapanke speak.  Since I vote in my home state and not in Wisconsin there wasn't much I could do but listen, give support and take a few pictures.  Click on the pics for a larger view.

Here's the Tea Party Express, parked next to the shelter that the rally was held in:

The next set of photos are of the Shilling supporters who showed up and tried to disrupt the rally.  The guy in the red shirt, I've dubbed "Mr. Douche".  He first caught my eye during the Star Spangled Banner, because instead of singing, or holding his hand over his heart, he was stomping around with a pissed off look on his face.  Only a stinking hippy would be upset at the Star Spangled Banner.  He tried to get a reaction by yelling a few statements when the speakers were talking about the unions, but the folks at the Tea Party rally just gave him a look and proceeded to ignore him.  He eventually stomped off to the side of the rally where his comrades were.  Here's a couple shots of Mr. Douche conferring with the Shilling folks who were taking pictures of the rally:

This is a photo that I titled "Mr. Douche and the Douchettes":

Dan Kapanke, the state senator under recall, spoke for about ten minutes:

Where ever the Tea Party goes, the Leftist tools must follow!  Love the "solidarity" shirts!  I guess all those teachers that still have their jobs because of the legislation that Kapanke supported don't rate your solidarity.  Only the teachers who got laid off because their school districts signed a collective bargaining agreement rate your "solidarity".   And the Shame is the shame of the Democrats who ran away like little bitches rather than do their jobs.  Yeah, that fact got mentioned a few times.  It should have been mentioned more.

 Tabitha Hale from FreedomWorks:  She and Kapanke were probably the best speakers of the event. 

And that's about it.  There was a smaller crowd than I would have liked to see, but the timing certainly wasn't the greatest.  Not to blame the Tea Party Express - they show up when they can, and it was up to the folks in La Crosse to make it there.  I would have preferred to hear less made-for-TV soundbites, and more about how the legislation that Kapanke supported worked on getting Wisconsin back on track financially.   We don't need political speech, we need down to earth facts, and WE HAVE THEM.  Use them.

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