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Monday, August 15, 2011

And I'm back

Tired, sore, and not wanting to get out of bed and go running this morning.  But it's either run or get fat, so I hauled my carcass out from the comfort of the blankets and took the dog for a run.

I see that a few things happened while I was out.  Pawlenty dropped out of the race; that was to be expected, unfortunately.  He's a good guy, but too many conservatives rightly want to see blood, and T-Paw was not the guy to do that.

Obama continues to be a douchenozzle.  Look at it this way - so long has he's on vay-cay at Martha's Vineyard, he can't fuck this country up any worse.  Hell, it would better for us if he just stayed there.

My right shoulder just told me to go to hell.  In those very words.

Gotta go pay the bills!

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