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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What is the point

Of having a commander in chief, if that CinC can't even be bothered to react when Americans are attacked?  Or as Micheal Ledeen asks, "Are we going to do anything about those who kill Americans?"

As someone who can find himself at the pointy end of the spear, and who saw how horrible the Clinton Administration was with regard to Rules of Engagement and allowing American Soldiers to defend themselves, this Obama Administration scares the living shit out of me.  I see nothing that shows me Obama or any of his military leadership would defend this country from any kind of attack, or that they would defend American lives from our enemies overseas.  The most Obama would do is issue some mealy-mouth platitudes that tries to show he cares, and then he'll do NOTHING of substance.  That would require integrity and backbone, and Obama has neither.  How do we know?  Because it's what he's doing now.

Pathetic.  Gutless.  Spineless.  Hopeless.  I can't believe what I'm seeing from the White House right now.  The French have more balls than we do.

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