Day by Day

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


Sitting out in the yard last night, reading a book and smoking my pipe, a flash of lighting caught my eye.  I hadn't seen any thunderclouds when I sat down, and looking to the Northwest which they normally come from I didn't see any clouds to speak of. 

Then I looked North and East. 

It's one thing to see a thunderhead at a distance, but to see one forming right above you, building as you watch, and to see lighting begin cracking as the cloud gets larger and larger...  it makes you realize how powerful nature is.

Went running this morning, through a thick cloud of fog.  As I jogged down the sidewalk, I saw round, white patches on the grass.  I slowed down and took a closer look, and realized that it was a spiderweb, and the fog had collected in tiny little droplets on the web so that I could see it.  First one, then another, then tens of them, and as I ran through the park I could see hundreds of little spider webs, spanning the top of the grass.  I could see the webs in the trees in the park, and coating the struts of the bridge that I run over. 

Normally, I don't see a single one.  Today I saw thousands.  It makes you realize how amazing nature is.

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