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Monday, July 11, 2011

Call your Congresscritters

Pepper them with facts, and then ask when the impeachments start.

There is no reason for anyone involved in Operation Fast and Furious to continue having a job in the government.  Ever.  We can only calculate how many people have died due to the Obama Administration selling guns to drug cartels.

Let's repeat that last little bit, shall we?  The Obama Administration is/was selling guns to Mexican drug cartels.  All the reasoning after that means bupkis.  We know that Obama wants to use the "American guns are finding their way into Mexico!" as a reason to impose gun control.  There are some folks out there who think that this is the reason the Obama administration was selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels.  But the reasoning behind it still means bupkis.  The Obama Administration was selling guns to the Mexican drug cartels.

Why haven't the impeachment proceedings started yet?  Call your congresscritter and ask.

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Jim said...

Impeachment won't work in time. Better just to extradite them to Mexico and Houduras to stand trial in those jurisdictions.

I hear Mexican prisons are especially lovely at this time of year?

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX