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Thursday, June 23, 2011

So Obama gave a speech

I was working.  So fuck him and his speech, I'm damned if I want to see that brainless fucking dipstick read from a TelePrompTer like every other speech he gives that doesn't devolve into the stuttering jackassitude of Obama when someone isn't feeding him his script.  Want to read it?  It's here.  Bottom line is he's drawing down troops in Afghanistan.

That would be Afghanistan, as in the war he claimed for years that we needed to win.  After all, Iraq was just a distraction from Afghanistan, right?  Afghanistan was the good war, the necessary war.  And now he's doing the standard Democrat American Communist Party tactic of surrender, retreat, run away, capitulate, and claim victory.  Obama the gutless fucking punk is just following his surrender-monkey script, like a good little drone.

Mark my words - if we actually draw down and leave Afghanistan, you will see horror stories come out of that country that would make the current situation there seem like a summer of happy fun love and snuggly puppies.  Remember what I said earlier?  Afghanistan will take GENERATIONS to stabilize and get to the point where it can stand on it's own. 

If we pull out before that point, we'll have to go back in, and the cost in blood will be ten times greater.

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