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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quote of the Day, Damn Skippy Edition

You may have already seen it, but it needs to be repeated again and again:

“What Ziegler and those who agree with him need to understand is that the MSM doesn’t intend to let anyone beat Barack Obama. They intend to pull a ‘Palin’ — to decimate and salt the earth behind — whoever threatens the re-election of Their Precious One. Barack Obama is a failed president. Period. If 2012 is what it should be — a referendum on the incumbent — he loses in a landslide. Therefore, the White House and their MSM allies intend to do everything they can to ensure 2012 is all about toxifying the GOP nominee — regardless of who it is — into someone who cannot be elected. Anyone who thinks the MSM will take it easier on a nominee not named Palin hasn’t been paying attention.
“The bottom line is that whoever our candidate is, beating Obama is not the existential problem — our candidate must beat the media, and other than Newt Gingrich (a victim of unforced errors), there’s not a single announced or potential Republican candidate who’s dealt with a tenth of what Obama’s MSM Palace Guards intend to hurl their way — except Sarah Palin. And not only has the Governor survived this unprecedented onslaught, but the past few months have shown that she understands this threat and is actively and effectively working on ways to overcome it.”

 It's not enough to beat Obama - that bumbling bumblefuck beat himself back in 2008.  So why did he win?  The Media, aka the propaganda wing of the Democrat American Communist Party, made damn good and sure that they savaged McCain (who was the worst possible nominee and candidate for the GOP) and Palin, who America actually responded to.  The media's answer was to trash Sarah Palin from the start, even though she's smarter than Obama, better spoken than Obama who needs every word fed to him from a TelePromTer, and more experienced than Obama.

Anyone who's going to be all kissy-kissy with the media is going to have his or her ass handed to them night after night during the election.  We need a candidate who will throw the media bias back in their teeth and go around them.  Kinda like Palin has been doing for the past couple of years.  Hmmmmmm.....

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