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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

At your service, Sir!

I’ll leave the name calling to others, but it does not reflect well on Netroots Nation that it is so scared of right-bloggers that it feels forced to flee to a small market and enter into non-compete clauses with convention authorities and hotels.

 Well let me step on up and do the name calling!

Those gutless, sniveling pieces of dog shit can't handle their Marxian religion being forced to face the harsh light of reality, so they do what good Liberals do whenever they're faced with a challenge that they can't lie their way out of - RUN AWAY!  RUN AWAY!  SURRENDER AND RUN AWAY!

Those anti-freedom scum sucking pussies know that they can't hold their own in a debate.  They can't hold up anything worth supporting or defending.  Their entire history is one of failure, despair, and lies.  AND THEY KNOW THIS.  So rather than support or defend their ideology, they run away to ensure that they are only speaking into an echo chamber, a comforting room of self-deluding idiots and myrmidons who never have to defend their record of miserable failure and poverty.

And take a look at the tweet by that gutless fucking pussified anal wart, Raven Brooks.  Two words?  Another fine product of the publik skool edjukayshun sistim.  Spineless and stupid - no wonder he's a Democrat American Communist Party member.

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