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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

This is what fascism looks like

The oh-so-tolerant Left, making sure that the people's voice will not be heard.  Call it what it is.  Anti-democratic.  Fascist.  Anti-American.  And then make damn sure you hang that label on the people responsible, the Democrat American Communist Party of Wisconsin.

And I agree with some of the commenters over at Gateway Pundit -

This is what the right are up against. It may be time to start behaving like you are at war, because whether you have woken up or not, you are at war, and the left are your enemies. You can’t count on the common decency of your opponents – they don’t even know what decency is, let alone what used to be termed ‘common decency’.


Operating in the current political climate, you tell me no one involved in the recall petition thought to secure these documents let alone their computers? You folks better wake up or else you will find yourselves being eaten by that wolf. I am really concerned about the naivete of some of our conservative brethren. We are in a war for the very soul of this nation and if any of you do not understand nor recognize how to fight against this evil, we are lost.
We're at war, dammit.  WAKE UP!  Do not expect the left to treat you decently, because they will not!  Do not expect the left to act rationally, because THEY WILL NOT!  Do not expect the left to act with compassion, because THEY WILL NOT!

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