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Saturday, April 30, 2011


So making the blog rounds, there's evidence and proof that Obama is a massive, complete and utter failure, especially when it comes to leadership.  To put it bluntly, Obama couldn't lead his way out of a paper bag.  The people that he has in place are there for political reasons, not for anything that could remotely be considered as actual talent.

Folks, the essence of leadership is this - find what talents your people have, and then use those people to get the greatest effect.

Here is what leadership is NOT - it is not claiming credit.  It is not telling people how awesome you are.  It is not telling people "I'M IN CHARGE".  It is not dictating every action of your subordinates.  It is not controlling every facet of your subordinate's work.

If you are an effective leader, you should spend the majority of your time on YOUR problems handed down by YOUR superiors, not micromanaging the hell out of the people who work for you.  The only time I get down in the weeds with my troops is when one of three situations crop up:

1)  My troops are tasked with a job they're unfamiliar with.
2)  My troops have screwed up the job that they're familiar with and need some guidance.
3)  My supervisors are demanding that I be "hands-on".

Other than that, I lay out the mission, make sure they understand the mission, make sure they're confident about how to do it, and then all I want are status reports.  I ask how they're doing.  I ask how their family is doing.  How's the wife and kids?  You doing OK?  Is there anything I need to do to make your job go smooth?  You need any support that I can call in?  Yes?  No?

And I make damn sure that every now and then, my senior guy comes up and sees what I do, so that in the event I leave, he can do my job.  99% of the time, they look at my inbox and say "Nah Dave, you keep that pile of crap.  I'll be over here doing my job."  But they can DO my job if they need to.

If you have a problem person, you find out what the problem is and fix it.  Sometimes that means you get rid of that person, if no other solution is working.  But most times it's a matter of retraining, or tweaking the responsibilities that person has.  But in all things, you need a clear-eyed view of what the problem is before you and begin to fix anything.

Folks, the first thing Obama does not have is that clear-eyed view.  It's too tainted by his ideology.  I don't think he can have a clear-eyed view if Hayek gave it to him personally.  The second thing he is missing is the ability to put the right people in the right jobs.  That stems from his narcissistic personality. He wants to get credit for everything, and so he's not about to let some competent person hog all that glory!

Obama is nothing more than a glorified rabble-rouser who demanded to be put into the greatest leadership position in the world, and now that he's been proven completely incapable of doing the job, wants to whine and snivel and shift the blame.

That gutless fucking pussy isn't fit to clean the boots of the lowest private in the US Army.  And that's the honest truth.

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