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Friday, April 01, 2011

How not to write a judicial decision

Presented by one Judge Sumi, or as someone described her (and I don't know where, but it rocked), Delores Umbridge.

If Sumi expects to have her decisions upheld by the state Supreme Court, perhaps she should take care to write them properly in the first place.   She will have trouble explaining how she justified interfering with the publication of  law in defiance with Wisconsin precedent, and I doubt that the Supreme Court will give her three tries to get that right.  Furthermore, her commentary about the legislature’s ability to work around her won’t exactly be seen as uninterested jurisprudence, either.
Now, she's a judge, which means that she should have at least a partial grasp on the law, right?  Perhaps if she was actually worried about the law rather than enforcing a pure political action via judicial fiat, it wouldn't have taken her three tries to get it right.  But then, this is Dane County, the home of Madison WI, a hole in Wisconsin surrounded by common sense.

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