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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What happened to the Mob?

It got unionized.  I mean sure, if you're a mobster you can go out and break the law and reap quick monetary rewards, but in a union you can do all the formerly criminal stuff you used to do, but this time the Democrat American Communist Party will protect you!

In the letter to Wisconsin businessmen, however, we see why so-called collective bargaining is particularly corrupting to the police. Although the letter explicitly threatens only an economic boycott, when it is written on behalf of the police--of those on whom all citizens depend to protect their safety--it invariably raises the prospect of another kind of boycott. Can a businessman who declines this heavy-handed "request" be confident that the police will do their job if he is the victim of a crime--particularly if the crime itself is in retaliation for his refusal to support "the dedicated public employees who serve our communities"?
Sykes sums up the letter this way: "That's a nice business you got there. Pity if anything were to happen to it if, say, you didn't toe the line and denounce Governor Walker like we're asking nice-like." He's right. "Organized" law enforcement bears a disturbing resemblance to organized crime.

Just another reason why unions have outlived their usefulness.  Why don't the police show up with baseball bats and threaten to knee-cap the business if they refuse to support the unions?  That's about what's going on here.

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