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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Ethanol still sucks

And it's still not a good fuel to burn in your vehicles or small motor.  Alcohol is either for drinking or for sanitizing, folks.  Not for putting in your gas tank.

And the government is going to waste MORE money on ethanol subsidies.  Yay.

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Rivrdog said...

I had coffee yesterday with a couple of meck-a-necks, and they said that it could also be that the alcohol has soaked up more than the allowable amount of water, and the engine is trying to run on water part of the time. They suggested letting it sit for at least a day, then siphoning off the bottom third or so of the tank, top up with premium, and try that, repeat as necessary.

I'm going out to my boat tonight, so I'll just stop at the marina and get a couple of jugs of boat gas to put in, but take enough jugs to DRAIN the tank into. Total replacement of the fuel. The yacht club can use some accelerant for their burn pile, it gets pretty soggy this time of year.