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Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Rose Bowl

I'm torn, kinda.  See, I want TCU to win, because more than anything I want to see the BSC just blown to hell.  The entire system.  Gone.  And TCU winning the Rose Bowl is a huge step to that, if it does happen.

However, my dear friend who's house I'm going to be watching the game at is a huge Wisconsin fan.  She's a Wisconsin native, born here, raised here, gonna die here.  She bleeds Packer Green and Yellow, and her tears are Wisconsin Scarlet and White.

So, given the fact that I currently live in Wisconsin, do I root for the home team and make my friend happy?  Or do I go with my gut and root for TCU?

Meh.  I'm not going to live in Wisconsin for ever.  GO HORNED FROGS!

UPDATE:  TCU 21, Wisconsin 19.  A damn good game.  The Badgers have nothing to hang their head about.  This was quite possibly the best bowl game I've watched in a long time.

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