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Monday, December 20, 2010

Two Posts

relating to the repeal of DADT.  Dan Riehl and This Ain't Hell.  If you want to see what the supporters of the repeal actually think about our military, all you have to do is read their words.  Of course, now that our military has once again been used as a social experiment, I'm wondering what the Left is going to ask for next.

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Rivrdog said...

Add mine, Dave. I take a slightly different view. I think that the military CAN get by this, and I think that their efforts to get by it, headlined by use of Article 134, will pass the muster of the Appeals Courts and the US Supremes.

What I see happening is that anyone volunteering their sexual status will be told that it's none of the (insert service here) business, and warned that further discussion of such things in the ranks leads to a breakdown of good order and discipline, and makes the person discussing, and the persons listening, liable to non-judicial punishment under Article 15.

When no one wants to talk about it, it becomes a non-subject, and at that point, teh geys who enlisted to start trouble have to either shut up and get on with (insert service here) life, or face the music.