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Thursday, December 02, 2010

Still Got Nothing

We're hitting another one of those balls-to-the-wall cycles at work, where I'm essentially running from the moment I get up until I come home and collapse on the couch.

One of the Chaplains I worked with in the past sent me an email that contains an op-ed full of fail.  I'll have to pull it up and post it later, because I'm being kind of lazy right now, but the whole gist if the piece is that Americans need to be more "sexually liberated".

My pop-off question:  Since sexual liberation has given us an epidemic of STDs, AIDS, broken families, single parent families, teen-age pregnancies, and a breakdown of societal morals, just why do we want MORE of it?  Can anyone out there name one good thing that sexual liberation has done for society as a whole?



MauserMedic said...

Over the twenty years I've been in, the chaplains have gotten progressively stranger. I remember some very conservative, "honor, duty, nation" chaplains when I first got it; and they seemed rather fitting, given the flock. Since then, I've interacted with numerous female chaplains, unitarian universalist chaplains, and chaplains who seem to ascribe to anything that's of a New Age bent. At my current post in Afghanistan, the published internet schedule for Catholic and Protestant services is followed the the post Pagan Circle services. WTF happened?

Ragin' Dave said...

Actually, this Chaplain is a very conservative Orthodox priest, and his comment is that it was one of the most wrong-headed editorials he'd ever seen. I guess I should have clarified that.

But yeah, some of the chaplains out there give me the willies.