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Thursday, December 23, 2010


We knew that Barack Hussein Obama was a communist cockholster of the first order, but thanks to Wikileaks we now know just how hard Obama worked to gobble up Hugo Chavez's manchowder.

Yes, that's rude, crude, and offensive.  Sue me.  At this point, that's all I can muster up.  I never claimed to be perfect.

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Rivrdog said...

Then there are the observations that during the recent Muslim Ramadan period, Obama not only hosted a Ramadan dinner at the White House (after refusing to host the National Prayer Breakfast there in May), he removed his personal jewelry (wristwatch and wedding ring) for that month-long period, an act only a committed Muslim man would do.

The man isn't just the buttwipe you think he is Dave, that's only on the surface. Below the surface, he is a Class-A Enemy of the People.

I won't be around to see how the sheeple react when this all comes to light some 25-40 years from now, but you will. You should invest in some decent bubbly to pop a cork on when that all comes out.