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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Post-Election hangover

First, the bad news.  The GOP elite and the RNSC fucked up, and hard.  They are the reason Christine O'Donnell lost.  They are the reason Joe Miller lost, and Lisa Murky, Murcokeski, McWhatsername is nothing more than a power-hungry aristocratic piece of shit but that's who the GOP hitched their wagon to.  Angle lost in Nevada.  We could have bumped off one of the architects of America's demise, but lost that chance for another six years.  California has shown that it's well and truly fucked, and should probably be walled of and quarantined before the infection spreads any further.

The Good News?  Conservatives have retaken control of the House of Representatives.  Notice I didn't say "Republicans".  There's a reason for that.

Conservatives have retaken quite a few state legislatures.

Here in Wisconsin, the fact that Russ Finegold lost makes me want to dip my nuts in a chocolate pudding cup and teabag every moonbat within five miles.

But bottom line, we're not done.  Not by a long shot.  We should have wiped the damn floor with the Democrats, but they're still up and breathing.  That's not acceptable.  We have two years before the presidential elections.  A lot can go wrong in two years, and as the GOP has shown they don't even need that long to really fuck things up.  These are the people who could fuck up a wet dream.  Fucking up their gains in the House is a real possibility, and we need to ride herd on these idiots for two years, and then two years after that.  And two years after that.  Until gutless fuckits like Mitch McConnell and Lisa "DADDY GAVE ME MY SEAT" Murcokinski and the various other power hungry elitist pieces of shit are gone.

Don't get cocky.  Don't for one second get complacent.  We're not just fighting the anti-American douchnozzles of the Left, we're fighting the douchnozzles within the GOP on top of everything.  Take a breath, pat yourself on the back, and then get back in the trenches.

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the botnet said...

Hey Ragin'!

We in the Land of Cheese and Beer did what many of the other states couldn't... we turned this state blood fucking red where so many others failed.

It's truly amazing, and Walker will have good help from the State legislature (assuming he can convince some of the union-fearing Republicans to break for the conservatives). These are times where rightful optimism abounds.... "Help is on the way"!

Best regards,

the botnet