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Friday, November 05, 2010

Jeff G asks

Why would we want a Senator Castle in Delaware?

My answer (and his) is simple - we wouldn't.  We're tired of having Republicans stab their voting base in the back.  We're tired of having representation who supposedly believes in smaller government spending more and more of our money on an exponentially growing scale.

He then follows that post with a little Mark Levin note (and his own thoughts) to Karl Rove and other GOP elites that I also agree with:

The same people who drove the GOP into the electoral ditch — and then after the ’08 elections presumed to lecture us on its certain further demise, should conservatives and ideological “purists” not accept a good chunk of the progressive agenda as a political fait accompli, or pretend comity with someone we knew to be a dangerous socialist ideologue (and yes, everything in his biography pointed to this) — are now using gainsdriven by the TEA Party to criticize and denigrate the very benefactors who have enabled their return to relevancy.

The RNSC did everything in their power to attack Christine O'Donnell.  The RNSC wanted O'Donnell to lose because .....  well, as near as I can tell because she wasn't one of THEM.  She wasn't some back-room dealing sleazebag who would talk out of both sides of her mouth and let the RNSC make all the choices, which is what the RNSC really wants.

And Karl Rove, Mr. Mastermind, who masterminded the GOP's defeat in 2006 and their further slide in 2008?  The people of Delaware picked Mrs. O'Donnell to represent them.  You did your best to denigrate her on national TV.  Maybe if you had kept your fat mouth shut, she wouldn't have lost, because you would NOT have been handing the Democrats ammo!

In short, the GOP leadership, the RNSC, Karl Rove, and the other various people who are lashing out at the Tea Parties can all go choke to death on the barbed cock of Satan.  Without the Tea Parties the GOP would have lost even more seats in Congress this year.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it.  I mean for pete's sake, if you're endorsing Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio, you are officially done as a serious entity!


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