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Saturday, October 23, 2010

More Democrat Voter Registration Fraud

This time in Colorado.  THIS IS HOW THEY WIN ELECTIONS, PEOPLE!  THEY CHEAT!  In Colorado!  In Wisconsin!  In Arizona!  In Ohio!  In Pennsylvania!  Everywhere across this nation, the Democrat American Communist Party has been outright stealing elections for years, and they are going to continue to do it until they are forcibly stopped!

People either need to start going to jail, or their offices need to be burned to the ground.  You think I'm kidding?  YOU ARE VIOLATING THE RIGHT OF EVERY AMERICAN TO HAVE THEIR VOICE HEARD AT THE BALLOT BOX WHEN YOU COMMIT VOTE FRAUD.

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Anonymous said...

Here in Washington State the Democrats are hiring illegal aliens to go from door to door to stump for various Dem candidates. These illegals are telling people that they are here illegally. If that isn't some sort of unethical campaigning and very possibly illegal, then nothing is. I can't wait until one of them comes to my house. They will learn just what kind of assholes they are in good old-fashioned oil field language.