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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Linky Love

Since Doctor Zero has given up the blogging business for actual paid writing, I'm going to have to link to one of his last posts at Hot Air.  Well, I'd link to it anyways, so go read it will ya?

The 111th congress stank with the corruption of Christopher DoddJack MurthaMaxine WatersCharlie Rangel, and Harry Reid.  The ruling Party made it clear that it would go to any lengths to protect its worst members from investigation and punishment.  The agenda of this Congress was conducted behind closed doors, or slipped like poison into the legislative bloodstream, to escape the notice of the American people.  Fat bailouts for loyal union allies were hidden inside bills that were supposed to fund the military.  Nobody knew what this Congress was really voting on… including members of Congress, who didn’t bother to read the bills anyway.

And it gets worse.

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