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Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Juan Williams Kurfluffle

I'm not going to get into what's legal about the whole thing, or any of the other myriad arguments that can be spun off on this.  What I am going to do is use this situation as a way to prove that liberals hate anyone who doesn't think exactly like them, and can't stand it when anyone strays off the plantation.

Look, Williams is a liberal.  But he also worked for Fox News every now and then, only now it's a full time gig, thanks to NPR!  The oh-so-progressive Left can't stand Fox News, and so they found a way to punish Williams for working for them.  NPR is one of the most hyper-partisan media groups in the nation, and it's chock-full o' moonbats on the BEST of days.  They have no problem with advocating controversial positions, so long as those positions are Leftist in nature.  Williams' mistake is that he said what a lot of normal, everyday Americans think.  And NPR can't have that happening on their watch!

I would love to see NPR get de-funded.  I hear George Soros is giving them a million dollars or something like that?  He already funds Media Matters, and I don't see much difference between the two.  Let Daddy George pay their bills.


Anonymous said...

If Freedom and Liberty means anything at all; then, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.

This does Not mean the right to use perverse language, or to use racial slurs.

However, considering that this is election time in America, and given the genuine concern of many voters, the level of debate can be more vigorous at this time to facilitate the ability to evaluate and scrutinize both motives, and policies.

This is proven correct by some of the quotes of the American Patriots, who used their knowledge, their experience, and the fact that history repeats itself to warn the American People Not to stray from the Constitution.

These American Patriots warned and predicted that self-serving greedy Traitors would arise in disguise, and that they would seek to gain Political Office for the purpose of setting up a Military Dictatorship.

It would be too easy, or more often, too convenient to simply dismiss the genuine concerns some people hold as being wild speculation, propaganda, or even trolling.

This is done by those who do Not have a counterargument, or by those who wish to conceal their revealed conspiracy.

We know that sometimes with conspiracies, there can be no proof provided, but nevertheless the conspiracies are real.

Conspiracies are Not like a Court of Law, where proof beyond reasonable doubt must be supplied, because the Conspirators act in secret, and they can abandon their plan without being caught in the act if others become suspicious.

The ‘beauty’ of, or what some would say is the diabolical and insidious nature of the Equal Rights argument; is that it can not be successfully argued against, until it is too late.

We have what is called circumstantial ‘evidence’, which is the ‘evidence’ provided by human nature, history, and some known facts, and these can be used to determine the percentage likelihood of the conspiracy theory being a correct evaluation.

We all know that the American Constitution was written the way it was for the precise reasons of protecting Proper Freedoms and ensuring Legitimate Liberties.

Americans have the writings and advice of those who framed their Constitution, and the writings and advice of known Patriots to guide them.

These American Patriots Human Nature, and they warned the American People only several occasions, that once the Government stopped following the Constitution, then it would like walking on a slippery slope with no way to stop until you reached the bottom.

Anonymous said...

The Bush-Clinton Dictatorship of America began with George Bush Senior pretending to be the Vice President to Ronald Reagan, but was in fact the real President.

Ronald Reagan was only acting as the role of President; and even though it was he was only B grade acting, it deceived most people.

The real President of America under the Clinton years was Hillary Clinton, who is today the Real President of America under her guise of Secretary of State, with the Puppet Uncle Tom Barack Obama.

This is why the elections in a few days in America is really a Referendum on if the American people want to continue with the Bush-Clinton Dictatorship Era that has economically devastated America, and brought America’s international reputation into disrepute.

Many America people know that the Bush Clan contribution to the American Bush-Clinton Dictatorship that began with George Bush’s grandfather, Prescott Bush, then with George Bush Senior, and finally with George Bush is over.

However, the Clinton Dark and Lunatic Left contribution continues to pose a serious threat to all Americans.

We know that all Politicians lay low on their unpopular agenda during an election campaign, because they hope they can trick the Voters to give them another chance to implement their evil schemes.

The Politicians can say that they have changed, but if they truly mean that then they can become ordinary citizens, as this is the only guarantee that an honest changed Politician can provide.

The Dark and Lunatic Left have been cunning to put a guilt trip on the Voters to vote for a person for no other reason than that he he is coloured.

We will soon see just how post-racial America really is, because if America truly wants to be post racial, then each voter must vote only on the performance of the Candidates, and Not for Tribal reasons.

The first thing I want to say is that I do Not label policies as being Left, Centre, or Right, but rather as bad or good, incorrect or correct, and foolish or wise.

Ragin' Dave said...


If Ronald Reagan was only "acting" as president, and it was really George HW Bush being president, then why did George HW Bush completely suck ass as president once Ronnie left office?

Same guy, same philosophy according to you, but two very different outcomes. What gives?

I'm totally in on that whole Clinton thing though.