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Thursday, October 28, 2010


Or, ya know, NOT.  There's video out of the Rand Paul rally that's currently got the Leftist shitheels up in arms, only it shows the zombie bumrushing Paul's car not once but twice before she was restrained.  And she wasn't curb stomped.  Some blockhead stepped on her shoulder to keep her down.  Sorry, not curb stomping.

Kenneth Gladney got the living shit beat out of him by Leftist thugs and had to go to the hospital.  But he doesn't count, because he supports the Tea Parties, so no story for you!  This two-bit bitch bumrushed a politician's car carrying an object in her hands, TWICE, and she got restrained, but because she's part of the groupthink class, the media is up in arms.

You know what?  At this point, I wouldn't mind seeing a zombie get curbstomped.  Maybe it would teach them to behave in a half-way civilized fashion for once.

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