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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The term is "projection"

Kos the twiterpated fuckhead is saying that us evil wingnutz is gettin' all prepared fer violence.

Now, if by "preparing for violence" you mean getting ready for the attacks, vandalism, hate crimes, slander, lies, and riots that spew from the Left every election season since I can remember, then yes, we're getting prepared.  Ever since I could vote there has been Leftist violence leading up to the election, because the political doctrines that the Left follows are inherently fascist, and fascism uses violence to get power.

But if by "preparing for violence" you mean that we're gearing up to actually CAUSE the violence?  Then that just proves that you haven't been paying attention, and you're nothing more than some narcotics addled dipshit with a podium and a microphone.  Yeah, that "Restoring Honor" rally was sooooooo violent that they left the D.C. mall cleaner than they found it!  Oooooooo, those violent thugs!

Sheesh.  Kos the Fuckhead is projecting the Left's violent act on the Right and screaming that it's all about us.  Give me a break.

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