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Friday, September 10, 2010

DADT again

So a judge in California rules DADT to be unconstitutional.

Anyone surprised?  If there's any state that we can expect a black-robed tyrant to hand out politically correct judgements against all better sense, it's California.

Now, for those who want to repeal DADT, when are you going to agitate for me to sleep with and shower with the women?  Hmmmmmmm?  Anyone?  C'mon, all you moms and dads out there, I want, nay, I HAVE THE RIGHT to be naked right next to your daughters while they soap up their womanly bits.   And I'm certain that I can find a judge who says that military readiness has been damaged by me not being allowed to share a room with young women!

What?  You mean that's not allowed?  Why not?

Here's the fact that everyone in favor of repealing DADT is refusing to deal with - There's a reason I can't shower or bunk with women in the Army.  And it's the very same reason we cannot allow open homosexuality in the Army.  Sexual dynamics hurt military readiness, no matter what some brain-dead judge in California thinks.  The very same morals and social mores that make it unacceptable for men and women to bunk together in the military are the same reasons to not allow a homosexual man to bunk with a straight man, or two homosexual men to bunk together.  There is no one out there who can make a serious argument that bunking men and women together in combat is going to increase readiness.  And yet they are going to put the Army into that very situation, with one gender reversed, in order to satisfy political correctness and ideological purity, and they don't care who gets hurt in the end.

Between this and the newest rumblings about how the US spends too much on it's military.......  I hope everyone has enjoyed the military dominance we've had in the past.  Because it's about to be over.

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