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Friday, September 10, 2010

Border Crossings and Border States

I recently discussed going into Mexico with some people I knew went at least annually. Instead of driving down they now fly into Cancoon as was told to me that taking a car with American plates into Mexico makes you a huge target for the Cartels.

More recently I received a report on the Nuevo Loredo Cartel battle on 16 July 2010. It was really gruesome. They use road blocking, tactical vest, radios and similar shoes for friend recognition. Not only did most everyone have dump pouches but their rifle stocks were heavily modified and had tactical slings. The rifles found were mostly M-4's. There was an HE Grenade, though no launcher was found.
This is the last page of the report:
Nuevo Laredo Cartel Battle, 16 July 2010Cartel Tactics Analysis For Ranger
Law Enforcement Take-aways
•Sustained a 2+ hour, multi-location firefight… willingness to continue the fight
•Incident(s) were pre-planned…
•Stolen support vehicles as a roadblock and ram to disable target vehicles
•Appear to be using common shoe as friendly force identification
•Homemade stocks on multiple weapons… could indicate breakdown for smuggling
•Evidence of common tactical web gear (bulk purchase?), use of vests, gear was personalized and adjusted for the shooter showing level of familiarity and training

Even though I do not live in a border state, I have family that does. This really scares me. Living in an amnesty state I question if we could see that up here. This is why I am happy not to live in a big city.

If you want the adobe document with the pictures email me a request I and I forward it to you.

the Raging Mrs.

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