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Monday, August 30, 2010

Simple Answers to Complex Questions

Every now and then I see a blog title that asks a question, and my brain launches forth a snarky answer before I even read the post.  That doesn't stop me from reading said post, but it does make for some interesting inter-cranial dialogue.  Today's post title comes from Gay Patriot - Why isn't Sarah Palin a feminist icon?  My answer:  Because Palin denounces the "OH PLEASE NANNY GOVERNMENT TAKE CARE OF ME BECAUSE I CAN'T DO IT MYSELF" mentality that liberal feminism demands.  She stands on her own two feet and expects others to do the same.

And the liberals can't stand that.

1 comment:

kateykakes said...

I think the lib tarts in power are starting to sweat and get nervous. Nothing pleases me more. :)