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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gutless Surrender Monkey Claims Credit for Victory

The fact that this stuttering Marxist jackass is even claiming ANY kind of credit for our operations in Iraq, which he repeatedly opposed, makes me want to vomit.  Had Obama had his way, Iraq would be lost and millions of people would be murdered under Saddam.  Had Obama had his way, we would have surrendered the battlefield and walked away like a conquered country.  Had Obama had his way, our mission in Iraq would have been a complete and total failure.  But now he wants to claim credit for victory?

That narcissistic anti-American traitor can go take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.  The office of Commander in Chief has been contaminated by his presence, the Oval Office has been forever tainted by his occupation, and any success the military has is despite his presence, not because of it.  Obama has successfully turned this country into a global laughingstock, and now he wants to sit back and take the credit won by his predecessor.

Gah.  Obama isn't fit to carry GWB's jock strap, and I wasn't all that big a Bush fan to begin with.  The fact that the Marxist Messiah managed to lie his way into office is proof that this country is fucking sunk.  The only question is what it will look like afterwards.

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Adrienne said...

Well - you've certainly been busy this morning getting your feathers all ruffled up... :-)

I finally had to quit reading as much of the spin-crap as I usually do. It was inducing some pretty amazing depression and making me crazier than I already am...

And my verification "word" is dingsmst. I think there's a hidden message.