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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weapons-Grade Logic

From my Main Man in the Pugetropolis, Phil at Random Nuclear Strikes:

So far over this last year, Congress has stated multiple times in multiple voices that Health Care is a “Right” and I have a “Responsibility” to buy insurance to cover my medical expenses so that my fellow citizens are not burdened by them. This was backed up by the President of the United States when he signed the legislation passed by the Senate in December and the House of Representatives on Sunday.
The new law also states that if I do not live up to my responsibilities of purchasing said insurance, that I will have a fine levied upon me.
Not in the most leftist history class was I ever instructed that fines could be levied upon “Rights”.

I'm going to be beating people about the head and shoulders with that all friggin' day long.

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