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Sunday, March 28, 2010


Og has a post up, an analogy to these times we're living through.  Go read it.

Back now?  Good.

Americans, by and large, like to be left alone.  We're the only superpower in the world who has conquered countries in war, and then fixed them up and given them back.  Read that sentence again.  That's unheard of, or at least it was until the USA came along.  Americans by and large are isolationist, and would prefer to remain that way.  But the world won't let that happen, will it?

We conduct our domestic affairs in much the same way.  Sure, yeah, we all agree that we need some form of government, but the American tendency is to vote for some guy who will go to Washington and leave us the hell alone.  Only that's not working any more.  We haven't been left alone for years.  D.C. has been robbing us blind, only we've been in our houses trying to ignore the screeching of the hoodlums as they destroy our yards and our streets and our neighborhoods and our towns and our cities and on and on and on.....

We can't ignore it any more.  The criminals haven't just crossed the line, they've sprinted across it and are now battering down our front doors.  We can't be left alone, because we've allowed the criminals to invade our homes, take our food, rob our safes, shit on our floor and then demand that we pay to have it cleaned up.

There's only one good way to resist that kind of violence against us - with force.  Pure, unadulterated force.  And whether that force comes by ballot or bullet, only force will remove these criminals and their invasion against us.  We can't just lock our doors and ask to be left alone anymore.  Those times are over.  Now we have to fight for what we hold dear, because our enemies are destroying everything we've wanted preserved.  Our enemies are beating our freedoms and our liberties into the ground.  Our enemies are violating every trust we hold dear, and invading every aspect of our lives.  If you're not willing to stand up and fight for what you believe in, then you will lose what you hold sacred.

And understand that our resistance will be met with violence.  The Left is violent at it's core.  It's history and it's philosophy is drenched in the blood of hundreds of millions of innocent victims around the world.  It's ideology is based on violence against freedom loving people everywhere.  We will be attacked, physically attacked for standing our ground.  For my part, I will hold back until I'm struck, and then I will lay waste to each and every attacker until either they are dead, or I am.  My morals demand that of me.  But I will make them pay a dear price for their violence.

Get ready.  It might not happen tomorrow, or next month, but there will come a time when you are going to have to fight for your freedoms once again.  This travesty of a vote last week proved it.

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