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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Really, you douchebag?

So little Bobby Gibbs wrote some notes on his hand to make fun of Sarah Palin....

Really?  No, REALLY?

Hey Gibbs - your boss, the liberal Lord and Messiah, can't give a speech to SIXTH GRADERS without the Teleprompter of the United States leading him along, and you want to make fun of a woman who scribbled four lines on her hand for her speech?


Your boss, the Stuttering Jackass of Chicago, is calling for an end to partisan politics, and you're out there attacking the Vice Presidential nominee from the losing ticket.


Your boss, the Arrogant Asshole of Epic Failure, is sinking so fast in the polls that his own political party is pushing him away after just one year in office.  He's making JIMMY FRIGGIN' CARTER look good, and you're attacking a woman who isn't running for any office.


You keep that up.  Tell me how it works for you.

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DANEgerus said...

Palin was making fun of the teleprompters with both the original notes and the subsequent "Hi Mom" note. The Lefties just don't get it and their myopia is illustrated by their refusal to admit how foolish their messiah looks.