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Monday, February 15, 2010

Caring about your own damn health

While the Ragin' Mrs and I were out Saturday, serving a healthy lunch to lots of people, I saw something that perfectly illustrated why I refuse to buy into government health care.  Why I will fight against it as hard as I possibly can.

Now keep in mind, we had been asked to come up and provide a lunch service at this event.  We made up a good, healthy menu.  Total cost was $5 for everything, and that left us with a sliver-thin profit margin, but part of the reason we do this is just for the fun of it.  It's not all about the money.

Anyways, we're standing there, and we watch a married couple, who we know has diabetes, break open a massive brick of Rice Krispie Treats.  I'm talking 2 ft by 3 ft here.  They each grab a hunk and break it off. They toast with the pieces as if they were glasses of champagne.  They then proceed to eat half of the TWO FOOT BY THREE FOOT brick of sugar-coated puffed rice.  They take a break in order to chow down a bag of Fritos, because gosh, those are just so much healthier.  They then eat the rest of the TWO FOOT BY THREE FOOT brick of sugar, corn syrup and more sugar-coated puffed rice.

With their diabetes?

Look, I'm all about letting people do whatever the fuck they want to do.  Where I draw the line is when people do what they want to do, and someone else has to pay for the consequences.  Not just no, but fuck you with a chainsaw NO!

I'm eating salads, that diabetes guy is eating a week's worth of Rice Krispie Treats in one fucking sitting. I'm out running my ass off (literally!) to maintain my weight, that guy is sitting around watching TV.  I'm eating veggies, trimming the fat off my meat, making my own damn foods because of the wife's allergies, and that guy is polishing off a bag of Fritos.

And in the end, I'm going to have to pay for his health care?  Idon'tfuckingthinksoyoujackass.

In the end, the guy who blew all his money on his three-pack-a-day smoking habit and his fifth of cheap whiskey every day?  We're paying for his treatment?  His cirrhosis and his emphysema and his cancer?  He can't pay for it, he's spent all his money on his drugs.  They might be LEGAL drugs, but he's still spent all his money on them.  Meanwhile I'm the one who quit smoking, and I'm the one who's cut back on my drinking, and I'm the one trying to be healthy and fit and strong, but I'm going to pay for the multitude of diseases that jackass BROUGHT UPON HIMSELF?

Gee, whatever could go wrong?

Not too many people know this, but for years Idaho had a great dental program for poor families.  Even if you didn't have a dime to pay, your kids and you could still get dental care.  It was a great system.  It helped out untold numbers of people.

And then the meth users found out.  And they all started applying to get their free dental care.  Of course, their problem was not just that they didn't brush or floss, their problem was that they were a bunch of fucking meth-heads, and the illegal drug they were abusing every single day was causing their teeth to fall out.  But that didn't matter, they wanted their free fucking dental care!

They bankrupted the system in less than a decade.  Hell, less than five years.  There's no way in hell that ANY medical system can support the population when the population is damaging themselves and then demanding their magic fix.

Just another reason to avoid government health care.


Anonymous said...

Lord help me, there are some days I just HATE drug addicts.

They, It, is a scourge on society.

Buzz said...

It's not just drug addicts.
Dave was right on.
It is the vast majority of the members of our society not taking responsibility for their actions.
Dave's diabetes couple isn't exclusive. I see that nonsense every day from people that should know better.
One of the most disgusting glimpses of our culture is in WalMart. Nothing pisses me off more than seeing some fat, lazy piece of shit park in the fire zone, then waddle up to the electric carts. Hey! Here's an idea! How about you WALK your fat ass around the store and work off some of that lard?

Anonymous said...

Is Gluttony still a Vice? Bet a lot have forgotten that, but being a Christian is so non-PC, you know. It just ain't cool these days.

And drug addicts do a LOT more damage to society than bankrupt government dental programs.