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Monday, February 08, 2010

And yet again....

Look people - when I said that Obama can't stand the military, and only gives a shit about the military when he can use them for a photo op, did you think I was just being a bit.....  rhetorical?  Using a wee bit of hyperbole, perhaps?  If you haven't seen President Bumblefuck call a Navy Corpsman a "corpse-man", go watch this.

This clueless fucking bitch can't go two feet without his precious teleprompter giving him directions, and even with his precious teleprompter he can't pronounce Corpsman right!

I'm actually pissed off right now.  I'm pissed of that Obama the clueless, spineless, classless fuckhead can't be bothered to actually learn a bit about the military he leads, and I'm pissed off as all hell at the clueless, brainless, worthless fucking pieces of shit who voted for that simpering jackass.  America won't die because of Obama, it'll die because all the people who VOTED for Obama are more than willing to vote for yet another empty suit.

Gah.  I'm not in that good a mood right now.

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