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Friday, January 15, 2010

On second thought

I had a whole page-long rant due to this:

Haitians are using dead bodies to make roadblocks. And why? Get this - because they're upset about the level of help they're getting.


I deleted that rant because it was a bit over the top even for me. However, let me just give you the gist of it, shall I?

Haiti is a fourth-world, corrupt, thug-ridden shithole, and we need to let it sink. And that's harsh. Extremely harsh. But continuing to pump money and aid into Haiti is like keeping a terminal cancer patient alive but not doing anything about the cancer. You're only prolonging the agony. And to pull Haiti into the 20th Century (not even into the 21st Century) would require an output of time, money, effort and troops that America isn't willing to give.

So there it is. Turn the Navy ships around. The the rest of the world, who regularly castigates America is the great Satanic beast, show us just how compassionate they are by how they deal with Haiti.

I await the hate mail.


CaptainAttila said...

My wife and I had this discussion in the car tonight, and it's exactly why we won't be contributing to relief efforts. Haiti doesn't even seem to try improving itself. The French screwed the place up, let them fix it.

Anonymous said...

I did some research on Haiti and was appalled. Then I remembered an essay Kim DuToit wrote about Africa. I think it covers Haiti as well.

The handwringers and pants wetters will have a fit of epic proportions. Let them.

I too, won't be wasting any of my money on that hell hole. The French screwed it up, let them fix it.

Gerry N.

Ragin' Dave said...

Gerry - I thought of that du Toit piece as well. I'm not saying Haiti isn't fixable, but that America isn't willing to expend the effort and resources to fix it. We'd rather just prop things up and keep the status quo going, prolonging the misery of everyone in Haiti because it suits us.

And then disaster strikes, and all the sudden it's "Oh, those poor people in Haiti".

I dunno. There's no easy answer.