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Monday, October 19, 2009

Water is Wet-Healthcare edition

There seems to be a lot about the "Health Care Reform" in the news today.

US News Weekly notes that President Obama "has said repeatedly that 'if you like your healthcare coverage, you can keep it,'" and Republicans, "of course, have scoffed at that claim," but "many Democrats are now starting to doubt it, too." The Democrats' "concern involves a key provision in the newly passed Senate Finance Committee healthcare bill" -- a "new tax that insurers will have to pay on their most expensive healthcare plans" or "Cadillac" plans. Because of "the tax, experts say, insurance companies could hike rates across the board, hurting people who aren't super-rich, including middle-class Americans who have more generous health plans, such as union workers, older working Americans, and people with dangerous jobs."

Isn't this kind of like the dog biting the man who feed it.

And here is my laugh for the day...

"the White House will not commit to health care legislation that would cap insurance premiums or tax benefits, taking a wait-and-see approach as congressional negotiators seek a deal." For example, "President Barack Obama will not demand that a final bill include a government-run plan as a way of driving down costs through competition, though that's his preference."
Right, between Obama, his advisers, Pelosi, and Reid they may appear to make concessions, but you can bet your sweet bippie that they have back door dealings to force what they want down our throats. Anyone who trusts what comes out of these mouths needs to have a serious reality check. Watching this circus of an administration, the two things I have learned are; if they say they want something, they will do what ever is necessary to accomplish it, and if they are making concessions and saying they will not do something, it doesn't mean a thing, because they are probably doing it anyway.

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