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Thursday, October 01, 2009

soy, soy everywhere. Is this O.K. or just cruel and unusual punishment

I debated about posting this because I have very little sympathy for criminals. It talks about how Illinois prisoners are fed an EXTREMELY high Soy diet. This was started by Blago and implemented by the Illinois Prison system and supplied by one of his biggest supporters, Archer Daniel Midlands.

Quite honestly I can see the benefit to feminizing male prisoners, less muscle, less strength, more mood swings....

But, as someone who suffers from food allergies I do find this cruel and unusual punishment. Unfortunately if you look at most prepared foods it is next to impossible to find them without some form of soy. It is even harder than finding gluten free or corn free foods, and that it very difficult. Though my bigger issue is what is in MRE's and other food that is being fed to our Armed Forces. These are the people that need all of their muscle, to be in top form, and can't afford those extra mood swings.

Just think about that next time you go to the grocery store.

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