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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Print it and pass it around

So, how's that government health care scam going to be paid for? Well, part of the funds will come from taxes on Class II and Class III medical devices.

Go look at the .pdf he's linked at the bottom of the page. 49 pages, single spaced, of medical devices that you'll be paying more for under Obamacare.

Electrode cables.


Clamps and containers.

Scissors, screws, rings, everything you need for, oh, I dunno, SURGERY. Hope you enjoy those expensive hospital bills! Not only is Obamacare going to trash our health care system, it'll make it more expensive! And this time EVERYONE will be paying, right? Well, except for the half of America that doesn't pay taxes. They won't be paying for any of it. So it looks like the other half of America will be paying those bills.

Gah. God help us if this passes.

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