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Friday, October 09, 2009

Oh. My. God.

As if giving the Nobel Peace Prize to Jimmah the Peanut Carter and Yassir the Terrorist didn't tarnish that institution enough, the Nobel Peace Prize has been debased even further by being awarded to Barack Obama for doing...... well, other than allowing Iran to get a nuclear bomb, I really can't think of what Obama has done. I have to wonder just what the criteria was for winning it. How about kicking our allies in Honduras to the curb and supporting a Constitution violating, law breaking dictator wanna-be? Waffling on Iran? Letting the protesters in Iran just hang, or get shot in the streets while he sat on his as and did nothing? Waffling on Afghanistan? Getting his ass handed to him for his arrogance in Denmark?

What the fuck has he done? What the fuck did he do? Nothing. He's done nothing. No, wait, he's done worse than nothing, because by his lack of action the world is less free, less prosperous. He's emboldened dictators across the globe because they know they can do whatever the hell they want and Obama will do NOTHING TO OPPOSE THEM!

And for this he gets a Nobel Peace Prize? Are you fucking kidding me? Can there be any doubt that this is just the blow-job of all international blowjobs from the Nobel Committee? Never in my life would I have thought that Norway would just fall to it's knees in abject stupidity, but the Nobel Committee just did so. So seriously, fuck them. Fuck them, fuck the horse they rode in on, fuck the goat that spawned it, and fuck the mountain it grazed on. The Nobel Committee has just lowered itself to the point of being nothing but a fucking joke, and any "peace" prize they hand out means absolutely nothing from this day forward. They can get bent for all I care.

UPDATE: Here are the people who were passed up for the award so that the Nobel committee could award it to Teleprompter Jesus. Devoting your life to teaching women in Afghanistan under the rule of the Taliban? In other words, putting your life on the line in order to teach girls? Nah, that ain't good enough. You have to be really, really good at reading teleprompters, and those backwards cave-dwellers don't even have electricity, so how can they have teleprompters?

I want to vomit.

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